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Our Class Descriptions

Tiny Tumble — Tiny Tumble is designed for preschool athletes! We are offering a 45 minute sessions for ages 3-5! We will include a warm up, basic locomotor skills, foundational body shapes, tumbling drills, and trampoline time!

Stunt Class — Stunt Class is a brand new class! This will be an hour long session that will include flyer conditioning, flexibility, and stunting. The instructors will be led by a stunt group of coaches. This class will be limited to only 8 athletes for the first session. There will be NO MAKE UPS offered for this class.

Intro to Tumbling – This class is for any athlete who has zero experience to tumbling. It is structured to start with the fundamentals of tumbling! We are teaching the shaping of the body including the Roll shape and bridge shape. We will focus on Forward fools, backward rolls, backbends with core strengthening! We will also include proper flexibility progressions!

Level 1 – This class is structured to focus on proper body control and proper technique of basic tumbling skills. We are teaching how to do a handstand, cartwheel, round off, front and back walkovers. We will also incorporate connecting skills!

Level 2 – This class is structured to introduce athletes to jump and punch from our feet to our hands! We will teach progressions that build up to back handspring and front handsprings. We will emphasize on connecting skills with proper technique such as a Round off back handspring.

Level 3 – This class is structured to introduce the tuck shape. These skills are no handed skills going both forward, backward, and sideways. We will teach punch fronts, back tucks, ariels and connecting back handsprings. It is important to have mastered foundational skills before moving on.

Level 4 – This class is structured to introduce the lay out which is straight, slightly hollow shape of the body. We will also introduce airborne specialties such as tumbling out of a tuck or a whip which a similar to a back handspring with no hands. This class requires proper technique of all previous levels. We will also teach front connecting skills that will end in a tuck and layout.

Level 5 – This class is structured for the most elite of tumblers. All previous skills MUST be mastered. We will introduce twisting skills also known as a full. Twisting skills are created from a strong base of technique, form, speed and strength in all skill prior. This class will include connecting any previous skills to a full, double full and also learning a standing full.

Open Gym — Open Gyms at NEO are held in a semi-structured environment where athletes can come in to work on specific skills. This is best for athletes with independent skills who are able to to communicate with coaches with what they would like to work on