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Cheerleading near North Canton

"This is my daughter Raegan's first year at NEO and I can already see this being a long term sport for her. She loves being at the gym. She asks every day to go. ALL of the staff is amazing, but coach Maddie who works with the little teams is out of this world. She is a great role model and she’s so patient and helpful with the young ones. I have been told by multiple people that they have seen a huge change in Raegan's confidence and attitude since being at NEO and I have this great gym and staff to thank for that. Looking forward to many years with this cheer family!" — Brittany Briggs

Building confidence in all athletes.

Cheerleading near North Canton

"Charlie can’t get enough gym time! I think she would sleep there if we let her! She loves seeing her own improvement (3 skills in 3 months!) She has also learned what it means to be part of a team and is learning more about respect. She always talks about her team and her coaches at home, always practicing and telling me to show Coach Maddie! I see so much light in my girl after practice. The staff is downright amazing and dedicated! Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. WE LOVE IT HERE!" — Ciara Dorris

Progression is a core foundation in our program.

Cheerleading near North Canton

"I can't say enough about what NEO means to Cayleigh and to our whole family! Cayleigh has come so far in a short time and they never let her slip up. They keep her focused and show her how proud they are of her when she masters a move! Yet, they are tough on her because they know she can do it! There is so much love shown all around NEO. Did I mention all the incredible friends she has made and the awesome birthday parties?" — Angela Ward-Andes

Stunning facility for birthday parties.

Cheerleading near North Canton

"I cannot say enough good things about the staff and the gym as a whole. All the coaches are wonderful and truly care about the athletes in this program. My daughter has grown so much this year in tumbling and as an athlete because of this program. This program is truly successful. My daughter will never go anywhere else. I highly recommend to anyone whether you are looking to be a part of all-star cheer or just looking for a place to tumble!" — Megan Duarte

Athlete growth is important to us.

Cheerleading near North Canton

"This is our 6th year with NEO and we have seen several changes throughout my daughter’s career here. The gym is so very organized and runs extremely smoothly. My daughter loves coming to practice and leaves happier than when we drop her off. She loves every single coach and they genuinely love and care for her and all the athletes. All coaches and staff are compassionate about the athletes and their job. They never hesitate to go above and beyond for an athlete. We are so pleased with the transition of the new ownership and we plan to be here the rest of her cheer career!" — Heather Rupert

Qualified coaching staff full of compassion.

Cheerleading near North Canton

"We took our middle school here and they were very wonderful. The lady at the front desk was very kind and helpful. I would recommend any school to try out there facility!" — Green Middle School Cheer

Welcomes all school cheer programs to train.

Cheerleading near North Canton

"In less than a year my daughter went from an ok round off to a power hurdle front walkover roundoff back handspring!!! She loves the gym so much I literally have to tell her we can’t be there every day of the week. I love all of the coaches and their commitment they put into each athlete. They take the time to be more than just a coach. They have truly become family!! This gym is our home away from home." — Joy Pearson

Home away from home.

Cheerleading near North Canton

NEO Allstars is nothing less than perfect. From their amazing staff who never let you feel left out or different. To the great athletes that have so much dedication. To the teams that work so hard, that will do and can do unbelievable things. To the environment that you walk into filled with all around positivity. NEO is a place where I am home and a place that I want to be forever. They have changed my life for the better which I am so thankful for." — Kennedy Beckley

Gym environment filled with positivity.

Cheerleading near North Canton

"I can’t say enough how much we love NEO. My oldest has tried literally every sport there is with little to no passion for it until a friend decided she wanted to try All-Star Cheer and Brooklyn gave it a chance. A fire has been lit inside my child that I have not seen before and her passion and hard work are felt every practice. Coach Jackie and Coach Chico have done an outstanding job!!

My youngest has had a difficult time connecting as she is an anxious kid who loves being home with Mommy - Coach Madyson, Coach Maddie, and Coach Savanna have turned my anxious kid into a child that asks when her next class is, she smiles all the time, she works so hard at home on her routine, and I am beyond grateful they encouraged her to come out of her shell and shine. 

As a prior NEO Cheerleader, I can honestly say the program is the BEST it has ever been and we are so proud to call it home!" — Julie Lee

Building generations of cheerleaders.

Cheerleading near North Canton

"Currently in our second year here at NEO. The staff is amazing and really care about the kids. Highly recommend whether you are considering a team, tumbling, or wanting to learn a new skill." — Ashton Sauders

Classes available for all skill levels.

Cheerleading near North Canton

"My daughter joined NEO in the fall. She has learned so much in such a short amount of time. She can already do a one-handed cartwheel. Their training is top-notch! She has made so many friends there. She has amazing coaches. They really care about the athletes. A+ gym!" — Chassity Sue

Top-notch training.

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