Tumbling in North Canton

Tumbling, Gymnastics, & Fun For All Ages!

NEO All Stars is proud to offer a tumbling program that creates confident and driven youths while simultaneously developing strength, dexterity, and flexibility!

We've helped students from around Canton and Northeast Ohio learn awesome tumbling techniques, connect with our community through tumbling and cheer, and learn practical life skills that will help them achieve incredible things. Get started with our tumbling program and improve your child's hand-eye coordination, balance, and body control -- no matter their prior experience, we are proud to welcome them into the NEO All Stars family!

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How Can Tumbling Help Your Child Thrive?

Our tumbling classes at NEO All Stars provide a strong foundation for your child to learn critical life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and self-confidence. They'll also gain flexibility, build locomotor skills, and improve their balance and body control. Tumbling is an awesome way to connect with other young athletes from around North Canton, Uniontown, and all over Northeast Ohio -- it's an exciting and diverse skill set that will pay dividends throughout your child's life!

Tumbling can help your child develop:
  • Lasting confidence & self-esteem
  • Total-body balance & flexibility
  • Improved strength & hand-eye coordination
  • Teamwork & goal-setting skills

We divide our tumbling classes into six different levels, so each child gets the opportunity to practice alongside kids of similar skill -- that way no one ever feels left out. Every class is supervised by one of our expert instructors to ensure a safe, supportive environment where all students can get the best possible experience. 

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From your child's first Intro to Tumbling class where they'll learn basic shapes and rolls to our Level 5 Tumbling where they'll take on twists and flips, NEO All Stars offers an exciting journey through the world of gymnastics for students of any age or skill level! Join us in North Canton and experience the best tumbling and gymnastics training that Ohio has to offer. 

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